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Steam Trains and Spray Paint!

his month we have well and truly discovered the beauty of when graffiti goes good!

Normally, the combination of graffiti and trains evokes images of suburban scribbles sprawled across mainline train tracks- essentially vandalism. However, the combination of a skilled artist, an historical locomotive and a village community centre proved that “graffiti” really can be something spectacular!

As you may have heard, last week we marked our oldest locomotive, Enid’s, 120th year of service with a day of birthday style celebrations. In doing so we were able to raise funds for the heroic Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team- an indispensable service to Snowdonia. (Thank you to everyone who gave generously)

As if that wasn’t enough, we took the opportunity to immortalise Loco no2 (Enid) by commissioning a Snowdon Mountain Railway mural in the Llanberis community centre. Alongside stunning graffiti art pieces that represent the culture and history of the area, now sits a beautiful mural of our very own Enid.

We’d like to thank the very talented Andy Birch (Dime One Murals) for the piece and also for getting some of our littlest locals involved in the process!

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