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ECO Coal

Our new Eco coal

A greener future

Our Railway is proud to announce that we are working hard to significantly
reduce our smoke and emissions output to improve our local and global air

Our coal-fired steam locomotives are now operating on Ecoal, a Smokeless
manufactured coal.

This eco fuel has been specially designed and formulated to replace
traditional smoky coals, providing a much cleaner burn while maintaining the
power and performance we require to give you the best experience on our
historical locos.

This fuel is the cleanest choice, providing up to 80% less smoke and up to
33% less Coal than traditional coals, and this is just the start.

Working with CPL Products Ltd, the manufacturer of this fuel, we continue to
look forward at alternative blends, which will improve air quality even further.

Ecoal includes up to 50% biomass, a material usually destined for landfill,
making its blend unique. Ecoal is also the most environmentally friendly
authorised and approved smokeless fuel on the market.

Get onboard our next destination, a cleaner future.

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