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Mission Impossible? … Not for our engineers!

It was discovered in the last season that Hafod Eryri’s power generators were beginning to struggle with the extreme demand.

In 2014 planning began taking the generators out of the building for an upgrade.

The problem?

The summit building (Hafod Eryri) was built around the huge generators making their removal just about impossible! Fortunately our engineering staff don’t much care for impossibilities and with just 35mm to spare they squeezed the generators out of the building and down the mountain.

Once taken away and boosted with over 50% of additional power the next challenge awaited- returning them to their snug home inside Hafod Eryri.

This week we are able to report that, as always, our engineers have done us proud. With the generators now safely back at the summit we can really start to ramp-up our preparation for the 2015 opening!

Look out for announcements of Hafod Eryri’s opening early May!

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