Welcome to
Snowdon Mountain Railway
  • Journey to the Summit

    From the moment you leave the station your train will begin the journey upwards to the clouds, a journey experienced by some 12 million intrepid travellers since 1896.

    This is a fabulous land of faeries and giants and kings. For centuries Welsh princes held council here. It is a land rich in alpine flowers and rare ferns left behind the retreating ice age and it is dotted with ruins that chronicle the history of long lost communities. These ancient mountains thrust upwards by volcanic forces 450 million years ago, once towered 10,000 metres .Over eons the wind and rain and successive ice ages have sculpted them to their current form.

    Soon after your train leaves Llanberis station the track crosses the first of two viaducts across the Afon Hwch river and a wonderful view of the waterfall plunging into the gorge below can be seen. As the train emerges into open ground one has a first glimpse of the peak of Snowdon as it pokes its head above the ridge to the right of the train. The train soon passes Car Esgob, Bishops Field and the ruined Hebron Chapel before starting its summit ascent in earnest amongst spectacular countryside before finally one of the worlds great panoramas is revealed at the Summit of Snowdon, Eryri, Land of the Eagles.