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  • Mysterious floating object.......?

    Mysterious floating object.......?

    02nd August 2012

    This image was kindly sent into the Railway by Anne Clews who traveled on the train up to the Summit of Snowdon on the 7th July this year. The photo was snapped as the view from Clogwyn Station appeared; and to their astonishment when they later viewed the pictures they noticed a mysterious object seemingly floating in the left hand corner of the image! Can anyone guess what this could be?? Maybe an Unidentified Floating Object or something more explainable? Let us know here at the Snowdon Mountain Railway Office what you think it could be, or if you have taken any wierd or unexplained photos when you have been out on Snowdon; please send them to: info@snowdonrailway.co.uk. We will show some of the best images on the website in the future. Back to Recent News